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My name is Laishan Ito, I am an experienced scientific illustrator and graphic designer
based in Los Angeles, California. When I was attending UC Riverside, California, I had the opportunity to work at the Entomology Department as a wasp illustrator. With professor
Dr. John Heraty's guidance, 
I learned to illustrate Chalcidoid wasps with pen and ink stippling technique on mylar paper for his scientific research and publications. Later, I followed my passion for art and design and pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at Art Center College of Design.

I continued my career as a scientific illustrator by working at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County while attending Art Center College of Design. I worked with Dr. Brian
V. Brown, Curator, Head of the Entomology Department who specializes in
 phorid flies.
I also have the opportunity to work with Dr. Regina Wetzer, Associate Curator and Director of Marine Biodiversity Center on Crustacea isopods. For three years, I have the
privilege to study specimens 
under the microscope to capture their distinct details by hands and digitally with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

I began my graphic design career as a freelancer in various design firms and studios shortly after graduation. Then, I became a Design Consultant at Nokia Design. Working in the mobile device industry broadened my experience as a designer. My projects encompassed
communication, brand identity, packaging, product graphics, research & development, digital contents such as animated wallpapers, digital clocks, and UX design. Later, I was promoted to Senior Graphic Designer in the Digital Identity Team at Nokia Design for four years. I worked collaboratively with the Product Design, Color and Materials, and Innovation Teams in the North America and global offices.

I am currently self employed and welcome new creative opportunities. I take on design work from art direction, print, to social media contents. My latest illustration work was on the trail guide of William S. Hart Museum showcasing animals and native plants that visitors may 
encounter during their museum visit. Two years ago, I started my first commission to paint in public
 places for different cities. I am intrigued by the idea of how public art brightens up 
the urban landscape and 
brings the community together. I hope my work could contribute to the communities in a meaningful and positive way. 

Nature has always been a strong influence of my work. It never ceases to fascinate me
and feeds my imagination with its behaviors, colors, and patterns. Even though technology is such a big part of our everyday lives, the artist in me still believe that sketching out and jotting down ideas by hand is an important step of design process.
 Through art and design, I strive to provoke positive human emotions and communication.


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